Other Works

This is not a catalog of all my art, but a selection of past works that are relevant to the work I am currently creating.


oil on panel, 16" x 12"


oil on panel, 20" x 16"

Back to the Beginning

acrylic on panel, 24" x 18"

Me, age 9

oil on panel, 12" x 8"

Three Fingers National Museum of Nature

mixed media on panel, 30" x 48"

Urban Sunset

oil on panel, 30" x 48"


oil on wood panels, 24" x 72"


charcoal on panels, 

48" x 72"

Forest Preserve

folded paper, 4"x4"x4"


ink on Mylar, 37" x 122"

Vacant Reflection

acrylic on plexi, 18" cirlce