Jerod Schmidt - Artist


My art is about the things in this world that make me curious. I create in order to give form to my imagination, which is fueled by my curiosity. For me, the act of creating is itself a journey of exploration and discovery, and then I want to share what I find!

self portrait - me, age 9

I was a weird kid. Growing up, I spent a lot of my time in my own worlds: drawing during classes, collecting rocks and seashells, building castles out of found objects, looking at creatures through microscopes, and immersing myself in worlds illustrated in photo books and maps. Now I am embracing my weird interests as the source of much of my creativity.

rock project - 4th grade

A good portion of my curiosity is directed toward investigating how things work and interact in this world I perceive. What stories can rocks tell me? What stories do I want to tell about them? Why is the world the way it is? What if it was different?! There are endless questions to explore, and my art is a record of this journey.

My partner is also an artist and ceramicist.

Check out his work here.

part of my rock collection from childhood